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Hierarchy Organization Of A Snowy OwlClick Here >>>>> Order of the White Lotus is an ancient and once-mystical ghoul terrorist organization who seek immortality through messiahdom. It developed into the largest terrorist collective in the world, spanning from the Four Nations and Far East to the West Coast, and eventually spread and colonized the world. Its penchant for terror far exceeded that of even the Dark Lord.[3] It remains a major threat to the world's civilizations today and the C.C.G.[1]The order was founded in an era long before the Four Nations, and among fellow Ghouls, it took on the title "Order of the White Lotus". Its philosophy was to care for and protect mankind. Their principal contribution to civilization was the creation of the Waterbending style of bending, which greatly increased the range of their military reach, and, by extension, their capacity as a political influence in the world. Furthermore, they created the White Lotus brotherhood, which served as a community for all able waterbenders. The White Lotus was responsible for the creation of the Avatar cycle, which granted them a close correspondence and protectorate status with the avatar. Over the course of its long existence, the Order of the White Lotus has gone through periods of both growth and decline. These periods have seen the rise and fall of dictators, leaders, and emperors; empires, communities, and movements. In particular, during the period following the cloning of the first avatar, the Order has grown into one of the most important political and social organizations in the world. The organization was founded by the first Avatar in the late century of the Southern Water Tribe, and its leadership was entrusted to Kuvira of the Fire Nation, who followed through the momentous events that occurred in the 2000s, namely the discovery of Avatar Zuko, the attacks on Varrick, and the separation of the two nations. Through a mixture of greed and murder, Kuvira managed to take control of the Order for nearly twenty years, during which she forged one of the most successful and ruthless terrorist groups in the modern world. As an organization, the White Lotus proved to be largely untrustworthy during Kuvira's rule, and her rise and fall in power is still a point of contention within the Order. a4e618e0b4 -zaara-mp3-songs-free-download-zip-file-work -angel-escalayer-pc-game-hot-download -pro-v16-cracked-iso-18-new

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