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Cheer Squad (2016) - Season 01

Cheer Squad is a Canadian reality television series that debuted on ABC Spark on July 6, 2016, and in the US on Freeform on August 22, 2016. It follows the Canadian cheer team the Great White Sharks as they work together on the road to world championships.[1] As of 2018 there is only one season, and there will not be a second season.[2]

Cheer Squad (2016) - Season 01


The OU All-Girl Team has historically consisted of approximately 20-30 athletes. The OU Coed Cheer Team has historically consisted of approximately 10-15 coed couples. These numbers can fluctuate from year to year given the needs of the team. Both squads cheer at all home football games split evenly away football games (and post season), men's and women's basketball (and post season), wrestling, volleyball, soccer, men's and women's gymnastics matches and games.

The fourth annual Summit was held in Orlando, Florida April 29th through May 1st. The competition hosted over 900 teams from across the United States. The Summit All Star Cheerleading Championship is the pinnacle of the cheerleading season for level 1-4 teams as well as youth, junior and restricted level 5 teams.

The East Central Community College cheerleaders are getting ready to kick off the fall 2016 sports season when the Warrior football team hosts Holmes Community College Thursday, Sept. 1, at 6:30 p.m. at Bailey Stadium on the Decatur campus. ECCC cheerleaders for the 2016-17 academic year and their respective high schools include, front row, from left, Kaitlyn Evans of East Rankin Academy, Kirbi Hurst and Codi Ballard of Newton County, Aerial Green of Leake Central, Mallory Myers of Newton County, Kayla Rawson of Kosciusko, Kaitlyn Decker of Newton County, and Kristen Kennedy of Union; back row, from left, Jacob Mott of Newton County, Matthew Morea of McLaurin, Cole Hodgins of Neshoba Central, Landin Hutchison of Leake Central, Joshua Parkman of Lake, Ashton Killen of Neshoba Central, Wes Spears of Newton County, and Nathan Burns of Leake Central. Pauline Karcher of Decatur serves as cheerleader sponsor. (EC Photo)

Mitch Murphy begins his ninth year on the Triton cheer staff and his 15th season at Iowa Central. Murphy is highly involved with recruiting, campus tours, clinics, strength and conditioning, academic advising, study tables, disciplinary action, The Triton Challenge, game-day, helping our kids transfer to the next level and works with both national squads on a daily basis.

Murphy began his cheer duties for the Tritons in 2013 as a recruiting coordinator. In 2014, Murphy became an assistant cheer coach to go along with his recruiting coordinator duties. Since Murphy became an assistant coach in 2014, the Tritons have become one of the top NCA cheer programs in the country. In 2021, the Tritons won the NCA Intermediate Large Coed Open National Championship. In 2018, Iowa Central won its first ever NCA National Championship with their Large Coed winning the Intermediate Junior College Division. The Tritons are still the only college cheer program in the state of Iowa ever to win an NCA National Championship. Since 2016, the Triton Large Coed squads have been first or second in the nation for five consecutive seasons respectively. Since 2014, the Tritons have had 11 Top-4 finishes at NCA College Nationals in Daytona Beach, Florida in four different divisions with three fourth place finishes, a third place team finish, five NCA national runners-up finishes, and two NCA national championships respectively.

Their namesake made history as the first president of a newly formed United States and the 2022-23 Competitive Cheer Team has now become the first members of the School District of Philadelphia to be invited to perform in the National Cheerleaders Association (NCA) High School Nationals. This is one of the biggest high school cheer competitions in the world and a deserved outcome for a squad that is the three-time reigning Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association District XII Public League Champions in the Co-Ed Division and five-time Competitive Spirit State Qualifiers. The Competitive Cheer Team also made history as the first team from the district to be named PIAA state semifinalists in the Co-Ed Division. 041b061a72


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