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What is a corner handicap bet? Why is this type popular?

Corner handicap betting, a nuanced form of sports wagering, has garnered widespread popularity within the global betting community due to its intricacies and potential for strategic advantage. This trend has sparked curiosity and interest among enthusiasts eager to delve deeper into its mechanics and implications. For the most comprehensive elucidation on the subject, turn to the detailed analysis provided in the forthcoming article courtesy of football tips win bookmaker. Embark on a journey of exploration and discovery as we uncover the latest insights and trends surrounding this Asian-influenced betting style, empowering ourselves with the knowledge to make informed and calculated betting decisions.

What is a corner handicap bet?

Corner handicap betting is a form of betting applied by bookmakers in football matches. True to its name, it focuses on predicting the number of successful shots each team achieves, based on the odds provided by the bookmaker. This type of betting offers a fresh and enticing experience for those who try it, hence its popularity.

The betting provider will create a detailed betting board with different odds for both teams shortly before the match. Players can choose the favorite or underdog team similar to selecting the winning side in scoreline betting. Depending on the matches, the odds will vary, providing opportunities for punters to quickly analyze and choose suitable football bets 1x2.

Why is this type favored?

Unlike other types, corner handicap betting does not require players to have a deep understanding of the teams' performance. Instead, bettors only need to grasp the playing style of the two teams to make predictions. Typically, in a football match, there are many corner kicks happening, making it difficult for newcomers to accurately predict the exact number.

The odds provided by bookmakers for corner handicap bets are often relatively high, which is an advantage that helps players earn additional income. For bettors, taking the time to consider the playing styles of both teams is crucial for making accurate time to win prediction.

With the advantage of not requiring in-depth knowledge of team performance and the income potential, this type of bet is an attractive and popular form of betting in the football betting community. However, players need to be cautious and alert when participating to avoid losing money as predicting corners in a match can be challenging.

Possible scenarios when engaging in corner handicap betting

Bookmakers will provide a handicap ratio for the teams competing, alongside that, the total corner kicks ratio will also be announced. Participants in the bet will have to predict which team will achieve the corresponding number of corners according to the given ratio. If predicted correctly, you will win and receive the betting money according to the ratio that was publicly disclosed beforehand.

For example, in the match between Liverpool and Manchester United on October 24, 2021, in the English Premier League. Onbet offers a corner handicap ratio where Liverpool is favored with a 3-corner handicap. This means you can participate in betting by predicting that Liverpool will be given a 3-corner handicap against Man United.

If at the end of the match Liverpool has more corners than Man United by exactly 3-0, then players who bet on them will win the bet and receive the winnings. Conversely, if Man United has more corners, bettors who bet on Man United will win the bet.

Expert advice on corner handicap betting

Below are valuable insights from top experts that can help players increase their chances of winning:

In-depth analysis of playing styles of both teams

To facilitate the betting analysis process, it's important to focus on the playing styles of both teams. For instance, if the home team frequently scores from corner kicks, there's a high likelihood that players will win when applying this type of handicap bet. Consider the advantage in corner kicks to make smart decisions.

Detailed player analysis

Not only studying the team's overall playing style, but also each player is a target that requires thorough understanding. Just because someone performs well on the official pitch doesn't necessarily make them a star in corner kicks. Therefore, bettors should carefully select information about all players on the field that day to see what each person's skills are.

When unsure of which corner handicap bet to choose, betting on the stronger team

If you're undecided on which team to choose, then go ahead and invest in the stronger team. The reason is that the stronger side always has an advantage over the weaker one, hence they always have skilled players in corner kicks. Investing financially in them is a smart decision for those who haven't conducted specific analysis.


Corner handicap betting is a strategic approach in sports betting where punters analyze and predict the number of corner kicks a team will receive or concede in a match. This sophisticated method, extensively elucidated in this comprehensive article by Onbet, equips enthusiasts with invaluable insights into sports wagering. Armed with this enriched understanding, individuals can adeptly incorporate corner handicap betting into their betting repertoire, thereby amplifying their prospects of achieving favorable outcomes and enhancing their overall betting experience.


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